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Wild Salmon Health Scare

UK - The FSA has issued a health warning after thousands of wild salmon were found to be infected with parasites that have the potential kill humans. It appears the worm does not affect farmed species.

According to the Daily Mirror, the worms can cause respiratory failure and have been found in fish returning to 59 Scottish rivers. The Food Standards Agency said fish must be either frozen or cooked to at least 70 degress Centigrade for at more than two minutes to kill the parasite and its larvae before it is eaten.
Pregnant women and the elderly are at particular risk.

The explosion in the parasite, which does not affect farmed salmon or wild sea trout, is baffling scientists and an inquiry has begun.

The FSA said: "Heating or freezing should kill any parasite, but if anyone sees any sign of the parasite they should not eat the fish."

The Agency issued a warning and guidance about Anisakis parasite in September 2007 when an increased prevalence of wild salmon in UK rivers with with the parasite were detected.

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