'Wild' fish revealed to be farmed

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
4 May 2007, at 1:00am

UK - Some fish sold as "wild" in UK shops had been farmed, tests have revealed.

Sainsbury's has launched an investigation after the findings

A Food Standards Agency snapshot survey has discovered that about one in 10 of samples of fish products had been wrongly labelled as wild.

Tests found one sample of sea bass from an Asda store in Gloucester, salmon from Sainsbury's in Stroud and even products from Harrods in London had been farmed.

Asda said it had displayed an old notice on the fish counter which implied the product was wild, but the on-pack label made clear it was farmed.

Tighter procedures

Tests were carried out on sea bass, sea bream and salmon bought anonymously at supermarkets, fishmongers, fish auctions and specialist food shops.

Oil extracted from the samples revealed whether the fish were wild-caught or had been farmed.

Of the 128 fish samples tested, 10% of the "wild" sea bass was found to be farmed, rising to 11% of the sea bream and 15% of the salmon.

Source: BBC News