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WA growing closer to inland abalone

AUSTRALIA - Researchers at Curtin University of Technologys aquatic research laboratory have found that, once treated, inland saline waters in Western Australia can be used to culture greenlip abalone.

The research revealed that while abalone could not survive in untreated and potassium-deficient inland saline water, once ions were manipulated in the inland water, the survival rate of greenlip abalone increased significantly.

Associate Professor Ravi Fotedar from Curtin’s aquatic research unit said the research findings bring us one step closer to the use of inland salt water for aquaculture.

"Inland saline water aquaculture has been considered an alternative to traditional coastal marine aquaculture for sometime, however this research provides the industry with the technology and knowledge to capitalise on this opportunity," Professor Fotedar explained.

The research found that when the level of potassium was increased to a minimum of 66 percent of that found in sea water, the survival of abalone in inland saline water was significantly increased.

“The findings certainly suggest that inland salt water aquaculture is a viable option, including abalone culture. With worldwide demand for the popular delicacy increasing at a rate that outweighs supply, the opportunity to expand abalone aquaculture industry using inland sources of water in WA is now feasible,” said Professor Fotedar.

Source: ScienceAlert