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Vote With Purse to Condemn Corruption Elsewhere

SCOTLAND - The Scottish Fishermens Federation (SFF) has pledged its full support for the World Conservation Union's condemnation of illegal fishing

Responding to the WCU statement issue this week, Bertie Armstrong, SFF chief executive said that the damage to the reputation of the fishing industry by illegal practices elsewhere tarnishes the entire industry - across the world.

"In Scotland we have a responsible fleet, of the right size, catching to our sustainable quotas. It has taken a lot of very painful sacrifice to get there and we are not happy that our reputation and the markets in which we compete are distorted by corruption in other places," he added.

Mr armstrong saud the key message for his industry was that when consumers buy Scottish fish they were getting the best product from an industry that takes its responsibilities very seriously.

Such measures as the completely auditable reporting of catches, a rigorously enforced compliance regime, the Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme and the gold-standard certification of an increasing number of Scottish fisheries by the Marine Stewardship Council were guaranteed.

He urged consumers to vote with the purse. Purchasing Scottish seafood was a clear vote against corruption elsewhere, he said.