Vietnamese Province Suffers Major Shrimp Losses

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
2 December 2008, at 12:00am

VIET NAM - Bac Lieu Province in the Mekong Delta has lost up to 197 hectares of shrimp farms in the past week, the deputy head of provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department Ta Minh Phu said Monday.

The new figure adds up to 21,550 hectares of aquaculture shrimp destroyed since the beginning of the year, with the most affected localities being Bac Lieu Town and Hoa Binh, Dong Hai and Gia Rai districts, reports ThanhnienNews.

The cost of raising shrimp has increased by 20-40 percent due to surging input prices, while the market price of the crustacean has dropped by nearly a third compared to the same period last year.