USM lab harvests first shrimp

MISSISSIPPI - University of Southern Mississippi researchers on Tuesday harvested the first batch of shrimp they grew after Hurricane Katrina, and they&#39;re considering their own brand that would bear the university&#39;s logo.</b> <br><br> USM Gulf Coast Research Lab workers at the Cedar Point site packed about 1,000 pounds of shrimp on ice early Tuesday, as they harvested the large tanks at the school&#39;s 18,800-square-foot indoor growing facility. <br><br> The tanks make up the largest growing center of its kind in the country, USM officials said. <br><br> Administrators said the harvest is proof that private companies could grow shrimp the same way. <br><br> &quot;What the team has been able to show is really a leap forward in demonstrating the technology that could lead to industry development. It demonstrates industry feasibility,&quot; said Bill Hawkins, executive director of the Gulf Coast Research Lab. <br><br> <i>Source: The Sun Herald</i>

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