Unst pier gets green light

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
27 June 2007, at 1:00am

SCOTLAND - A seven year campaign to build a new 3.3 million pier in Britain's most northerly isle finally paid off yesterday (Tuesday).

Shetland Islands Council's executive committee yesterday agreed to spend £1.2 million on the first phase of a new pier at Uyeasound, a small village at the south end of Unst.

Local people were jubilant at the news, saying that it was a miracle that lives had not been lost due to the lack of a working jetty in the harbour.

Uyeasound Waterfront Trust chairman George Jamieson described the news as "incredible" last night, saying that it would provide a safe berth for at least five local fish farm boats which currently have to anchor in Uyeasound bay.

"In the winter months people have to climb from a boat at anchor on to a smaller boat to get to the old pier in seas as high as three or four metres. How we have not had an accident here is a miracle," Mr Jamieson exclaimed.

"There were times when the boats were struggling to find a mooring buoy and had to tie up at a salmon cage all night. Women and children were wondering whether the men were coming home or not; that's not on in the 21st century."

Uyeasound is the base for two fish farms run by the Uyeasound Salmon Company and Lakeland Ltd, which employ around 30 people between them.

Mr Jamieson said the plan was to build a pier with an industrial estate outside the site of the old Umphray shop to support the local aquaculture industry, including mussel farms, and the transport of sheep and cattle on to the uninhabited isle of Uyea.

The arrival of a pier and breakwater may pave the way for other developments, including a new marina.

Source: Shetland Marine News