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Uni-President Aquaculture Feedstuff Plant In India

by 5m Editor
1 July 2010, at 1:00am

INDIA/ TAIWAN - To diversify production bases overseas, Uni-President Enterprises Corp., Taiwan`s leading food producer, will set up a plant in India in addition to Southeast Asia and China, with such investment project to be the first of its kind among peers.

India is the world`s fourth-largest consumer of shrimps. Early this year, Uni-President began tapping such market to sell aquacultural feedstuff through its affiliate in Vietnam. The company will set up a plant in India if annual sales of aquacultural feedstuff there total 10,000 tons, a goal expected to be met in 2011.

At the recent annual shareholders meeting, Uni-President announced plans to set up more production bases in the next two years, but first in India to expand presence overseas.

Uni-President has three aquaculture feedstuff plants in Vietnam, two of which have fully booked production lines.

Despite volatility in prices for aquacultural feedstuff, Uni-President`s Vietnam plant is expected to be more profitable this year from last year due to having stockpiles of cheap materials.

The company`s plant in Vietnam scored US$7.76 million last year with others in the Philippines and Thailand beginning to turn profits last year.

5m Editor

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