Aquaculture for all

Tunisia-Italian Project Promotes Aquaculture


TUNISIA - As part of Tunisia's efforts to promote aquaculture and fish breeding activities, 14 projects are underway including seven projects dedicated to fish farming, five projects for freshwater fish and two others for shellfish farming with an additional 20 projects under study.

In this respect, a workshop was held earlier in the week in Tabarka on the assessment of the monitoring of a Tunisian-Italian project in north-western Tunisia.

The 2.62 million dinar project aims at boosting aquaculture in rural areas in Tunisia.

The project includes a pilot unit dedicated to the culture of mullet and eel at the port of Tabarka.

Some 4, 000 fry will be released annually in river dams in a neighboring villages. North-western Tunisia was chosen for the project because of its rich water resources, covering 60 per cent of the country’s reserves.

The amount of mullet fry released into the dam during the 2007-2008 campaign, reached 7, 5 million units, while production was approximately 1110 tons from 32 dams, through nine governorates.

In a related event, a working session was recently held by Mr Absessalem Mansour, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources and Fisheries, on the assessment of the fisheries sector and its compliance with regional and international environmental and health standards.