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Tunisia To Promote Aquaculture Sector

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TUNISIA - The promotion of aquaculture and its prospects in Tunisia and throughout the world were the focus of a seminar held on Friday (4 June) in the governorate of Monastir.

The event was organised by the Alumni Association of the National Agronomic Institute of Tunis.

Opening the seminar, Mr Abdessalem Mansour, Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries, said that the production of aquaculture increased to 4470 tons in 2009, divided between 1125 tons from fresh water fish and 3345 tons of sea fish, against a total production of 1,400 tons in 2000.

He recalled that the objectives include achieving an output of 12,500 tons in 2014 and 15,300 tons in 2016. He also stressed the necessity to enhance the local production through processing, packaging and creating a Tunisian label.

The Minister also dealt with the important opportunities available in the sector, calling on universities graduates to create projects in this sector, including the freshwater culture that does not require heavy investments.

He stressed the activities of a business incubator specialising in fisheries and aquaculture at the national institute of science and marine technologies in the governorate of Monastir.

In the delegate of Sayada, the Minister took cognisance of the activities of the potatoes collection center. He was also informed of the activities of the fishing port of Teboulba (governorate of Monastir).