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Trout Fingerling Over-supply a Boon in Tasmania

AUSTRALIA - The University of Tasmanias aquaculture section has over-bred trout fingerlings which has seen the donation of 5,000 trout passed to Inland Fisheries to re-stock Pet Lake near Burnie.

Detlef Planko, UT’s laboratory manager, said the process sees the restart of an arrangement that existed some time ago and should be a boost for fishing in NW Tasmania.

"In the last few years, we've had less than the normal levels of trout than we normally keep," he was reported as having said.

"And what's happened is that we've gone back onto normal prduction levels this year.

"Any technical problems that we've had in the past, we'd pretty well sorted them out, so we just, rather than culling fish we give them away to Inland Fisheries."