Toxic Salmon Farm has Long Lasting Effects

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
26 August 2009, at 1:00am

VANCOUVER, CANADA Toxic contaminants from a notorious Kyuquot Sound salmon farm are having a lasting, negative effect on the seabed in the farms vicinity, according to a new provincial government report.

According to Scott Simpson, writing for the VancouverSun, in August 2009 Environment Ministry study estimates that Centre Cove salmon farm will degrade seabed marine life as much as 100 metres from the site of the farm for 15 years dating from the farm’s 2004 shutdown.

The report warns that the toxic effects from metals released from the farm, notably zinc and copper, could last significantly longer, reports VancouverSun.

“It is notoriously one of the worst fish farms on the coast,” David Suzuki Foundation fisheries biologist John Werring said in an interview, adding that an unspecified number of other salmon farms along the B.C. coast are believed to be causing similar effects — “but we just don’t know how many.”

Werring said the province is considering regulatory changes that would actually make it easier for farms to discharge waste into the ocean.