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Tonga says room for development in fisheries

NEW ZEALAND - The Tongan Export Fisheries Association says there is room for development in fisheries in the kingdom, particularly in aquaculture.

Ten New Zealand based Pacific delegates have been in Tonga recently on a trade mission.

The association’s executive officer says fisheries play an important part of Tonga’s economy.

Naitilima Tupou says while there are five fisheries areas, there are regulations that limit some to Tongans only or that are limited in general.

“The areas that available for investment in fishery at the moment is the tuna fishery. At the other area that is fairly new to Tonga and so I think there is great potential for investment in this particular area is the aquaculture and fishery where there is no project or company yet that is developing an export regime.”

Source: RadioNewZealandInternational