Thai Shrimp exports to EU expected to increase in 2006

BANGKOK - The impact of the resumption of the GSP (General System of Preferences) is favourable to Thai shrimp exports, especially to Europe, President of the Thai Shrimp Association said on Monday. </b> <br><br> In 2005 shrimp exports to the EU reached 11,686 tonnes compared to 8,001 tonnes in 2004, or a 46 per cent increase. <br><br> &quot;The EU sympathised with Thailand regarding the suffering due to the disastrous tsunami,&quot; said Mr. Somsak Paneetatyasai. <br><br> Autonomous measures were employed to make the import duty on Thai shrimp products comparable to other shrimp producing countries--such as Vietnam, Indonesia and India--at 4.2 per cent for raw products and 7 per cent for cooked and prepared products. <br><br> In five month period from August through December 2005, shrimp exports to the EU grew by 76 per cent, from 4,233 tonnes to 7,343 tonnes. <br><br> In 2006 it is expected that the export volume could increase from 11,686 tonnes in 2005 to reach 30,000 tonnes, or about a 150 per cent increase, Mr. Somsak said. <br><br> Europe needs high quality shrimp which Thailand can provide, according to Mr. Somsak. &quot;Our competitive advantage on quality will enable Thailand to enjoy a higher market share in the future.&quot; <br><br> Antidumping and continuous bond measures from earlier punitive measures against Thailand are still affecting exports to the United States and could mean a lower volume of shrimp exports to the US this year. <br><br> <i>Source: ETNA MCOT</i>

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