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Telisai and Danau to be trageted for aquacultural developments

BRUNEI - THE coastal communities of Telisai and Danau in the Tutong district are set to undergo transformation from sleepy settlements into vibrant commercial, industrial and recreational centres once blueprints of the Telisai and Danau Local Area Plans are approved by the government and set in motion.

The summarised version of the plan's final draft had been displayed to the public during the World Town Planning Day celebrations in all the four districts last November.

In the draft, five priority areas have been identified for further development - housing, public facilities, commerce, leisure and recreation, and aquaculture. Both Telisai and Danau are strategically located along the coastline, with good land and water transport systems, thus giving them an added advantage in terms of recreational potential and easy accessibility.

According to the latest available statistics, as of January 2005, the population of Telisai and Danau stood at 3,571 and this figure is projected to grow to almost 6,000 by the year 2015. The existing land uses of the two settlements, which covers a combined area of 3510 hectares, includes residential, community facilities and primary industries such as agriculture, chicken breeding and aquaculture.

Their proximity to the coastline also makes them an ideal site for sand extraction and aquaculture.

Source: The Brunei Times