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Tasmanian Abalone Response

TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA - The Department of Primary Industries and Water advises that continued absence of evidence of diseased wild abalone is reason for hope but no cause for complacency.

Test results of samples of abalone taken from the southern channel region are not expected until tomorrow.

Abalone from a live holding facility at a southern Tasmanian processor show clinical signs of Abalone Viral Ganglioneurtis (AVG) and have also tested positive for the AVG virus.

The General Manager of Biosecurity and Product Integrity, Alex Schaap, said that Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute divers inspected a further area of the channel today and took more samples for analysis.

“The situation remains uncertain, despite no reports from TAFI or commercial divers of anything out-of-the-ordinary in Tasmania’s wild abalone population so far,” Mr Schaap said.

“For the time being, all options remain open from an incursion of AVG into Tasmania to the disease already being endemic here.”

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