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States Consolidate Over Aquatic Science

AUSTRALIA - For the first time in Australia, two states will consolidate their aquatic science research opportunities and capabilities thanks to a new Brumby Government alliance with the South Australian Government.

Speaking at the signing of the alliance agreement in Adelaide today, Minister Responsible for Fisheries Joe Helper said the project would facilitate more effective and efficient aquatic science research.

As part of the agreement, the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and South Australian Research Development Institute (SARDI) will collaborate to develop joint projects and share research and development resources to deliver better outcomes for Victorian and South Australian industries and communities, Mr Helper said.

The alliance is consistent with the national policy commitment under the guidance of the Primary Industries Ministerial Council to consolidate research and development across state borders.

SARDI and DPI will enhance their research capability and funding opportunities by collaborating fisheries biology, assessment and modelling together with aquaculture research and development, marine and freshwater ecological research and environmental assessment.

Mr Helper said the new partnership builds on the Brumby Governments $205 million Future Farming Strategy, which includes an initiative on adaptation of fishing industries and fisheries management to climate change and an aquaculture futures initiative.

The Brumby Government is committed to ensuring that the future of fishing and aquaculture industries is secure by investing $7.2 million over 4 years as part of the Future Farming Strategy, he said.

It is vitally important for the economies of regional Victoria and the state that our commercial, recreational and aquaculture industries, which are valued at more than $1billion per year, are productive, competitive and sustainable.

Initiatives of the Future Farming Strategy and projects under the alliance will greatly assist in achieving this objective.

We look forward to the partnership, and I am sure we will see many benefits for both states from the implementation of the agreement.