Shrimp Smuggled to Bangladesh Fetches Higher Prices

BURMA - Many shrimp traders in the border area of Burma have been illegally exporting shrimp to Bangladesh as it fetches a much higher price in Bangladesh markets than in Burmese markets, said a trader. </b> <br><br> In Maungdaw Township, there are about four shrimp companies, including Shwe Kyi Daung and Mra Nyi Naung, which are owned by local businessmen. <br><br> These companies have opened shrimp purchasing centers in Maungdaw Township to purchase shrimp from local traders, but the prices they offer are far less than those in Bangladesh. <br><br> On the Burmese side, the shrimp are divided into three categories based on quality, and prices are offered accordingly. High quality shrimp fetches 5100 kyat per kilogram, mid-quality shrimp is 3100 kyat per kilo, and low quality shrimp fetches 1600 kyat per kilo. <br><br> However, in the Bangladesh markets, the price for high quality shrimp is 8500 kyat per kg, while mid and low quality shrimp fetches prices of 6000 and 5000 kyat per kilogram respectively. <br><br> <i>Source:</i>

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