Shark Sanctuary Not Good for Fiji's Fisheries

15 August 2012, at 1:00am

FIJI - Having a shark sanctuary will be greatly affect Fijis fisheries sector says Offshore Fisheries Officer Anare Raiwalui.

Mr Raiwalui says while having a shark sanctuary is good in conserving our sharks we need to consider the fisheries industry as a whole, reports FBC.

He says putting a total ban on shark fishing will be difficult to monitor and enforce.

Other options are now being undertaken.

We have proposed to come up with a national plan of action for sharks because we see shark sanctuary is abit too harsh for us in Fiji. Apart from that our decrees the Offshore Fisheries Decree and Inshore Decree they address the issue of shark protection.

The Offshore Fisheries Decree is being put forward to the AGs office for vetting while the final consultation on the Inshore Decree has just being completed last week.