Scots Salmon Production Booming

UK - Scottish salmon production is booming again after bad publicity and falling prices in the past two years forced the industry&#39;s first contraction in more than a decade. </b> <br><br> The head of the Scottish Salmon Producers&#39; Organisation, Sid Patten, said yesterday that growing demand had helped salmon farming in Scotland recover from recent setbacks. <br><br> &quot;Demand is increasing at a very good rate. The industry is really quite buoyant and has been for the last nine months or so,&quot; Patten said. <br><br> Scotland is the world&#39;s third-largest farmed salmon producer, behind Norway and Chile. The industry grew many-fold throughout the 1990s, with production rising from 36,101 tonnes in 1992 to 169,736 tonnes in 2003 as the Scottish salmon brand acquired premium status. <br><br> However, the rapid growth was abruptly halted in 2004 when production dropped to just over 158,000 tonnes, according to the Scottish Executive. <br><br> Although figures have not been completed for 2005, Patten said the results would be similar to those recorded in 2004. Patten said he believed output was &quot;fairly level&quot;. <br><br> <i>Source: The Scotsman</i>

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