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Scientists Fight Deadly Prawn Virus

by 5m Editor
23 May 2011, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA and INDIA Queensland researchers and Indian scientists are working together to find a cure for a virus which is thought to be killing around a third of the worlds farmed prawns.

So far, Australian scientists have developed a method of interfering with the parvo virus's ability to reproduce, but it needs to be trialed in farm conditions, reports ABC News.

Professor Leigh Owens from Townsville's James Cook University says having India involved will allow the method to be tested on a different strain of the virus.

"The Indians have exactly the same problem, they have a large aquaculture industry," he said.

"They have the same parvo virus that we have but they're different strains."

"So we can go from maybe working with a specific strain to working on a universal knockout system".


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