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SalmonChile Warns of Further Woes to Come

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CHILE - The new general manager of the Salmon Industry Association AG (SalmonChile), Carlos Odebret, warned that the Chilean salmon industry could find itself in deeper trouble if the fisheries and aquaculture law is not passed.

According to FIS, he also says the industry must start renegotiating debts with banks and implementing sanitary modifications.

The association manager revealed that salmon firms have dismissed 4,600 employees so far: 3,000 directly and 1,600 indirectly.

In addition, of the 500 farming centres that were operating before the outbreak of the salmon infectious anemia (ISA) virus, only 200 remain, he pointed out. Volume output will decline from 650,000 tonnes to 400,000 tonnes by late 2009 and prospects would be even worse for 2010, he contended.