SalmoBreed Salten Constructs Onshore Broodstock, Egg Production Facilities

3 October 2016, at 1:00am

NORWAY - SalmoBreed Salten is to build a 10,000 square meters facility for the production of broodstock on-land throughout the entire production cycle from egg to mature fish. The facility will have the capacity to produce 150 million eggs per year.

SalmoBreed Salten AS is owned by SalmoBreed AS and Salten Stamfisk AS.

The facility currently being constructed is located in Sørfjorden in Sørfold, Norway. The total cost of the project is approximately 350 million Kroner (approx. £33 million).

"Building on our on-land Icelandic model, we will deliver eggs throughout the year for the entire production cycle, from egg to mature fish. We have good experiences of keeping broodstock onland from our Icelandic sister company, Stofnfiskur. We are very pleased to have Salten Stamfisk as co-owner. They have strong local roots and have an expertise that will be very important in this project."

Efficient and low labour

The site will have separate departments for the growth phase through to mature broodstock. It has been designed to ease logistics and reduce the burden on staff with minimal labour-intensive equipment and processes. The plant has good access to seawater and freshwater.

Stig Joar Krogli is employed as a project manager and looks forward to activity getting underway on the construction site. Artec Aqua is the appointed contractor for the build, which is expected to take two years - with the first roe available for sale by the close of 2018.