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Russia Reduces Salmon Quota for Japan

RUSSIA - Russia has reduced its quota for Japanese salmon. The decision was made following the Russian-Japanese intergovernmental consultations held in Tokyo in March and in Moscow this month

The discussions focussed on the catch of Russian salmon by Japanese fishing boats working in Russia's exclusive economic zone during this year. The harvest now allowed in the zone has been reduced to 9,735 tons, down from the 10,275 tons permitted in 2007, says a report on RedOrbit.

Japanese organisations will now pay Russia more than $31 million, for the quota, said the State Fishing Committee.

In 2008 salmon species (red salmon, chum salmon, humpback salmon, Chinook and coho salmon) will be harvested by 43 Japanese trawlers from strictly defined areas. Japanese fishermen will be allowed to harvest no more than 3,000 tons of red salmon, the most valuable salmon species.

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