Researchers trying to raise saltwater fish in Black Belt

by 5m Editor
30 May 2006, at 1:00am

US _ The underground saltwater deposits have long been a source of frustration for Black Belt residents digging wells in search of drinking water. Now, they could also be a source of fish. Auburn University researchers are trying to raise flounder, redfish, pompano and other saltwater species in the region about 225 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The university&#39;s fisheries sciences department received a grant to determine the feasibility of raising saltwater species in Black Belt ponds. &quot;We&#39;re trying to find something that these farmers can do besides catfish,&quot; said Nelson Sansing, who graduated from Auburn in December 2004. &quot;They&#39;re trying to find fish that they can get a higher price for at the market.&quot; <i>Source: Montgomery Advertiser</i>

5m Editor