Researchers looking to develop shrimp as cash crop

MISSISSIPPI - Scientists at the Gulf Coast Research Lab are working to develop a cash crop for a new breed of farmer. </b> <br><br> In the laboratories and pools on the lab&#39;s campus in Ocean Springs, and in the greenhouse-like buildings at the GCRL&#39;s Cedar Point facility, researchers are looking for ways to make farming shrimp an economically feasible enterprise that they hope will help put more domestic shrimp on the plates of consumers. <br><br> It&#39;s a process called marine aquaculture. <br><br> According to information from the GCRL, shrimp is the most consumed seafood in the United States. Americans consume about 1.5 billion pounds of shrimp a year, which amounts to 40 percent of the world&#39;s shrimp supply. <br><br> <i>Source: Pascagoula Mississippi Press</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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