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Regional Framework for Cooperation on Climate Change

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ASIA-PACIFIC - At the recent Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Impacts of Climate Change in Fisheries and Aquaculture, held under the Aquaclimate project, senior policy makers from the region agreed that a networking mechanism was needed to facilitate sharing of experience and data between governments and institutions.

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Climate change is widely seen as a priority issue, particularly for agricultural sectors, which are a significant contributor to climate change impacts, but also highly important in terms of livelihoods and food security.

Research activity to address climate change in agriculture is rapidly ramping up, both in terms of mitigating the impacts of farming and in the development of adaptation strategies to help farmers cope with the coming changes.

As climate change is a truly global issue, the development of a networking mechanism, institutional partnerships and alliances were seen as critical elements to a successful response. There was a need to improve communication not only within the aquaculture sector, but also to improve cross-sectoral sharing of information and experience.

As research funds within the aquaculture sector are limited, there are significant benefits to be had from coordination of effort. It is also important to develop common methodologies to facilitate the integration and analysis of data collected by different research groups across the region.

The Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific has undertaken to facilitate further regional research cooperation through its ongoing Climate Change Programme, which was approved by the 23rd Governing Council Meeting in March.

The programme will endeavor to link and establish a network between like-minded organisations working towards sustainable and climate resilient aquaculture. More information about the programme will be posted on the website as it develops. Creative Commons Attribution