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Rare Species of Shrimp in Danger

INDIA - Concern is rising in Orissa in India over the disappearance of gravid, a rare wild shrimp found in the brackish water bodies of the state.

The fall in the number of these shrimp has triggered drop in fresh water shrimp catch, according to fisheries and pisciculture department officials.

The shrimp is sought after by the poorer fishermen of the region as a lucrative catch.

According to the newspaper, The Statesman, a single gravid catch could fetch Rs 4,000.

The newspaper says that rampant commercial exploitation of the shrimp has brought in its wake irreparable damage with the species fast disappearing from the water bodies located in and around the Mahanadi deltaic region.

"It's indeed a matter of concern. The gravid population is going down. We are giving serious thoughts to curb the commercial trade of these threatened species," the brackish water fisheries chief, Mr RN Mohapatra told The Statesman.

The report says that the shrimp seeds are sought after among the prawn farmers in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh and this has led to smuggling of vast quantities from the region.

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