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Prices Poised to Rocket

AUSTRALIA - The price of farmed fish is predicted to soar as the aquaculture industry becomes the latest victim of rising grain prices.

Aquaculture is the latest agri-food business to fall victim to rocketing grain and fuel prices. The price of farmed fish is expected to escalate as feed and transport costs continue to rise.

A report by ABC Rural, says the producers are now poised to pass on increased production costs to their customers - it's inevitable and must happen for businesses to survive said South Australian fish farmer, Peter Docking

"Feed prices are going up fairly steadily. By comparison to about a year ago, they've gone up about 10 to 15 per cent," he explained.
"The biggest increase would actually be in the transport costs. We've gone from about $80 a pallet coming out of Queensland, up to about $140 now, so the price of our products will have to rise."

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