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Prawns and crabs take the place of chicken

INDIA - Prawn and crab have become a recent up-market delicacy and in turn chicken meat has become poor mans non-vegetarian choice.

Costly food: A trader selling prawns at Komapalli market.

But only a few decades ago prawn and crab were considered a poor man’s delicacy in rural areas and chicken used to be the up-market non-vegetarian delicacy for food connoisseurs. However, the roles have been reversed and prawn and crab are now out of reach of the poor peasant's purse.

M.Khan, a cook at a city hotel, said there was a time when people used to visit hotels to savour items prepared with chicken. According to him a few decades back chicken was not being cooked at home due to some taboo. So, it was being considered an up-market food by the food connoisseurs. But times have changed. With broiler chicken now plentiful, chicken seems to have lost its clout.

For a daily labourer like Sudam Bhol, chicken is more affordable than vegetables. “Three hundred fifty grams of chicken costs Rs. 25 and with potatoes, it can provide an enjoyable meal for a five-member family,” he said.

Near Gate Bazaar Square chicken shops remained open till 11 pm serving to daily labourers returning back home. Most of them find it cheaper than green vegetables and fresh water fish being sold at Rs. 100 per kilo for dressed up pieces. And mutton sells for 140 to 160 rupees per kilo.

Source: The Hindu