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Penghu Sector Severely Damaged

TAIWAN - The abnormal cold spell of the past several weeks has devastated much of Penghu island's fishing industry. Observers say recovery could take years.

Reports in the Taipei Times say that the subtropical Penghu island group, also known as the Pescadores, is rich in fishery resources and has been termed a paradise for scuba divers. Located about 50km west of Taiwan's mainland, the archipelago consists of 90 islands, only 19 of which are inhabited.

The recent cold weather, with temperatures dipping to below 9oC, has caused massive damage to both the marine ecology in Penghu's coastal waters and the local net cage fish farming industry.

During a beach cleaning campaign led by Penghu County Commissioner Wang Chien-fa, county government officials and residents removed about 50 tonnes of fish carcases from the beaches of Penghu's inhabited islands.

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