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Pearls Prove Better at Abrolhos

AUSTRALIA - Results from Abrolhos' first pearl hatchery have proved better than expected with the first sample of the brood stock tested spawning 200 million 'spat', or baby oysters.

In a report for ABC News, hatchery owner Barrie Humfrey says while half the oysters will die within the next week, it still remains a very positive result.

"For us that is absolutely an excellent result, but more importantly, it's not just for us, it's for all the aquaculture licences at the Abrolhos Islands," he said.

Pearls have been harvested at the islands since 2000, but the region's first hatchery licence was only issued late last year.

Pearl industry has struggled to get spat at the times it needed it, but these are sure signs that producers are now in a good position. "We can control that, and we will be able to supply spat to all the other aquaculture holders at the Abrolhos Islands," said Mr Humfrey.

View the ABC News story by clicking here.