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Pahang Welcomes Investors For Aquaculture

KUANTAN - The Pahang government has welcomed private investment from local and foreign investors to develop 10,773 hectares for aquaculture.

State Agriculture, Agro-based Industry and Felda Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Tan Mohamad Aminuddin Ishak said the identified areas were mostly in Rompin and Pekan.

Quoted on news site, he said that for the past five years, the state government had allocated certain areas for aquaculture development, dubbed the Food Production Permanent Park-Aquaculture Industrial Zones.

The primary focus now was to attract large overseas investments to enable the continuous development of the aquaculture industry. The aim is to reach as production target of 27,000 tonnes per year.

"Most of the foreign investors involved in aquaculture projects in this country, especially in tiger prawn breeding, are from Taiwan, Japan and the United States," said Ishak at the launch of 'Pahang Choice', a premium aquaculture product brand.

The brand, which will be available shortly, comprises seafood products such as smoked fish, salted fish, fish balls and fish fillets.

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