Oysters drive aquaculture in Marin

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
16 August 2006, at 1:00am

MARIN COUNTY - The value of Marin County agriculture dipped last year, but West Marin's burgeoning oyster industry enjoyed a strong year, according to a county report released Tuesday. Overall, the county's agricultural output was valued at $52.8 million in 2005, down from $54.9 million in 2004, a drop of 3.8 percent. Much of that was driven by the drop in milk prices. With 31 dairies in Marin, milk is the premier commodity in the county. But aquaculture surged due to better survival of oysters, said Stacy Carlsen, the county's agricultural commissioner. "It's a huge element of our agriculture," Carlsen said. Many of the oysters are grown in Tomales Bay, where there are efforts to improve water quality. There are seven aquaculture operations, which contributed $3.2 million of the county's $52.8 million value of agricultural production. Source: Marinij