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Outbreaks Wreak Havoc for Chilean Salmon

CHILE - The Salmon Infectious Anemia, ISA, virus keeps spreading in Chile according to the latest release from the countrys Sernapesca, (Nacional Fisheries Service) reports the press from Puerto Montt.

According to the MecroPress, Pitihorno farms from Multiexport and Buill from Salmones Humboldt (belonging to Pesquera Coloso and Salmones Igesur) were added to the list of ISA outbreaks. This means the 19 outbreaks listed last May 23 have now increased to 21.

The list includes nine farms from Norway’s Marine Harvest, four from Mainstream and others from AquaChile, Camanchaca, Pacific Star, El Golfo and Cultivos Marinos Chiloé.

Furthermore another 24 farms or breeding facilities were classified as “suspicious” and seven were eliminated from this list. Those considered safe are five from Marine Harvest, one from Aguas Claras (AquaChile) and another from Maintream.

However another 35 remain in quarantine conditions.

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