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Organic Food: Are Our Labels Correct?

NORWAY - Is it worth using collective marks such as "Organic" and "Best of Norwegian" on food? This question has been raised by Scientist Hans Martin Norberg, Nofima Market.

In his Doctoral dissertation "The Influence of Collective Marks on Consumer Evaluation of Food Products", Norberg has discussed the usefulness to consumers of this type of food labelling. He has proposed a model to explain how to understand the usefulness to consumers of collective marks.

Previous research shows that consumers to varying degrees have prioritised such marks as one of several decision factors when choosing a product. Norberg indicates that with respect to food, such marks are significant if the mark is experienced as relevant, or in other words that it makes the product more attractive.

Both food producers and the consumer that buys the food can make use of such marks to convey desired qualities of food and to create the desired opinion of the food.