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Open Eyes: Bangladesh Promotes Fishery

BANGLADESH - Concerned Bangladesh authorities recently conducted a mass awareness raising campaign about the importance of preserving and promoting fish-wealth in the districts of the Barisal Division.

According to The New Nation, the campaign was conducted as part of enforcement of restrictions that the government imposes every year on netting hilsa fries with length below 23 centimetres and use of nets having mesh below 4.5 centimetres in 11 districts.

The New Nation reports that in Bangladesh fish is integral to culture and heritage of the people and at the same time an important element of the national economy. Fish is an important source of protein of the people. Fish farming and catching fish is an important field of employment. According to a study, ten percent of the total population are directly involved in fishing, processing and marketing. Bangladesh earn a considerable amount of foreign exchange through export of shrimp and hilsa. This sector accounts for 3.5 percent of the country's GDP and 09 percent of national export.

The importance of restriction on netting fish is revealed from the fact that the annual production of fish eggs in the river Halda, a very important natural breeding point in Asia, dropped from 4,000 kilograms to 100 KGs over a couple of years due to massive accumulation of silt, unplanned use of the river and netting of mother fish.