One giant leap for the salmon industry

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
4 December 2006, at 12:00am

UK - As the trawler carrying Sid Patten carved its way through the treacherous North Atlantic, the newly appointed head of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation could be forgiven if a tinge of self doubt crept into his mind.

After all, Scottish salmon has not enjoyed the best of press recently. Two years ago a report published by American academics found that British farmed salmon was full of pollutants and recommended that it should only be eaten sparingly. Consumption of salmon in Britain slumped by a quarter in early 2004 following the research. The news was quickly followed by reports that the US was rejecting shipments of salmon as unfit for human consumption.

But when the trawler finally docked at the salmon farm in Orkney, after navigating its way through a severe storm, Patten was in no doubt that he had made the right career move.

"There's no other industry that ignites the passion more of its producers than salmon," he says. "I was astonished at what this industry means to Scotland. In the Highlands and islands there are whole communities that are supported by salmon farming."

Source: The Scotsman