NZ Institute Announces Aquaculture Park

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
17 January 2007, at 12:00am

NEW ZEALAND - Established in 1919 from a bequest by Nelson philanthropist Thomas Cawthron, the institute has developed a deserved international reputation for the quality of its research, particularly in aquaculture development and freshwater and coastal protection and restoration. It currently employs 150 scientific and technical staff in Nelson and Marlborough and is New Zealand's largest private, independent research centre.

The latest pointer to its success comes this week with the announcement of the purchase of 24ha of land at the Glen where it will develop the South Island's first commercial aquaculture park. The project pulls together a number of strands. It makes the most of a special site, purchased from Glen stalwarts the Dixon family.

Bounded on one edge by the Boulder Bank, good quality seawater is readily available. So, too, is sufficient sunshine to ensure algae production - vital foodstock for land-based seawater aquaculture. Add in the Cawthron's pioneering research and expertise and the already strong marine culture in the top of the south and the project seems a certain winner: for the region, the country and for seafood lovers everywhere.

Sustainability has become a catchcry as governments wake up to resource depletion and the growing threat of pollution. The global seafood industry is as good an example as any of the dangers. Over-fishing has all but wiped out some marine species and pollution has dramatically altered inshore environments.

However, as a plan announced almost a year ago to close nearly one-third of New Zealand's waters to deep-sea bottom trawling suggests, the industry is aware of the need to tread carefully, lest it foul its own pool.

Source: The Nelson Mail