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Norway Targets Japanese Markets

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NORWAY - The Norwegian Seafood Export Council is busy marketing Norwegian seafood in Tokyo, Japan at the Japan International Seafood and Technology Expo - "Seafood International".

"The Japanese market is challenging, with a stagnant overall market and strong competition , but is still a market of great importance for Norway," says fisheries envoy from Norwegian Seafood Export Council Hans Petter Næs .

"For mackerel, capelin and salmon, Japan is a market with particular importance. We are hoping to increase salmons potential in the market through sushi."

Norwegian Seafood is normally present at the exhibition with the Norwegian state. The main message from Norway is on the market activities that provide trading opportunities to increase the sales of Norwegian seafood.

The exhibition , which is the twelfth in the series, is the dominant seafood fair in the Japanese market. Norway set strongly , with the Ambassador Arne Walther R. who undertook the official opening ceremony on behalf of Norway , along with fishing envoy Hans Petter Næs .

The long-term marketing efforts for several years have been an important factor that salmon is now the most preferred ( ate ) fish in Japan , according to the latest report from the Fisheries Ministry. In particular, salmon sushi and sashimi is one reason for this. In the first half of this year over 13,000 tons were exported to Japan.