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Norway, Russia Sign Historically High Cod Quota

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NORWAY and RUSSIA - Russia and Norway have signed a fisheries agreement for 2013. The agreement includes a historically high quota of one million tonnes for cod in the Barents Sea.

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"There is currently a great situation with cod in the Barents Sea, and I am really looking forward to the high cod quota that the Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission has set for 2013," said Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Lisbeth Berg-Hansen.

"Norwegian fishermen can fish next year approximately 107,000 tonnes more of cod than last year, so this provides more activity on both land and sea. This will also mean more jobs and value along the coast," Ms Berg-Hansen said.

Quotas established for 2013 are sustainable and are within the framework set by the advice of the International Council (ICES).

Overall, quota for the Northeast Arctic cod in 2013 has been set to one million tons. This is an increase of 249,000 tons from 2012.

The total quota for cod is divided between Norway, Russia and third countries in the same pattern as in previous years. Norway's quota for 2013 will be 446,740 tonnes, including 21,000 tonnes of coastal and 7,000 tons scientific whaling.