New Zealand's Tourism, Seafood Threatened by Exotic Algae, Pest

NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand officials say two of the nation&#39;s biggest industries, tourism and fishing, are under attack from exotic algae and sea creatures. </b> <br><br> Didymosphenia geminata, or didymo, has been found in at least six rivers in the past 12 months, prompting the closure of waterways and a campaign to halt the spread of the dense, slimy algae. A permit is now required to access some of the rivers in Fiordland National Park, the country&#39;s largest nature reserve. <br><br> ``It&#39;s terrible stuff,&#39;&#39; said Mike Molineux, owner of Manapouri, South Island-based tour company Fish Fiordland and a fishing guide for 25 years. ``It makes the rivers un-fishable. With every cast it was on your line, or on your fly,&#39;&#39; he said in a telephone interview on Oct. 26. <br><br> Didymo is one of two exotic species found in New Zealand waters in the past year. Biosecurity New Zealand, a government agency in Wellington, is also trying to curtail the spread of a small oceanic creature called a sea squirt that may threaten New Zealand&#39;s NZ$200 million ($141 million) mussel farming industry. Scientists say it may not be possible to eradicate the pest that smothers shellfish. <br><br> <i>Source: Bloomberg</i>

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