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New Maori Aquaculture Agreements Signed

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NEW ZEALAND - New regional agreements for Maori commercial aquaculture have been signed by Government Ministers, including Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy.

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Three regional agreements have been signed with iwi from the Auckland, Tasman, and Marlborough regions following successful negotiations between the Crown and regional Iwi aquaculture organisations.

The agreements are the result of the Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004, which requires the Crown to provide Iwi aquaculture organisations with 20 per cent of new commercial aquaculture space consented since October 2011, or anticipated to occur into the future.

“This first set of agreements is the culmination of work by five Government ministers and 13 Iwi. They have been extremely complex, but it is great to have finally reached successful agreements,” said Mr Guy.

“The agreements in Auckland, Tasman and Marlborough will deliver four hectares of authorisations for oyster space in addition to $46 million as cash equivalent for the remainder of the Crown’s obligations.

“Research by MPI and industry indicates that aquaculture is the fastest growing seafood sector making up 20 per cent of total fisheries production and 15 per cent of revenue.

“Through these agreements M?ori will have the opportunity to continue their involvement in this high performing primary industry sector.”

Work on agreements in Northland, Hauraki Waikato-East, Canterbury, and Southland regional agreements is ongoing.