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New Aquaculture Opportunites for Brazil and UK


UK - Brazil's Fisheries Minister has signed an aquaculture MoU in Cardiff.

Brazil's Fisheries Minister, Altemir Gregolin, visited the UK to sign an aquaculture memmo of understanding (MoU) in Cardiff. This MoU was signed on 23 August and it is of potentially significant value to the UK aquaculture industry. The agreement covers requirements in aquaculture expertise and technology to help develop his country's marine finfish and shellfish farming industry.

The agreement, which was facilitated by the International Agri-Technology Centre Ltd (IATC), is expected to provide a raft of new business opportunities for the UK aquaculture industry, covering a range of specialist areas from hatchery, nursery and cage technology to seafood processing and product traceability. In addition, a broad range of training opportunities have been identified where UK universities with credible expertise in aquaculture research can support training and research programmes in areas identified by the recently formed Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture as being critical to the development of Brazil's seafood industry.

IATC industry specialist, Dr David Fletcher, who played a major role in cementing the new partnership, said: "This is a major opportunity for the UK to become involved in a programme that will be constructed to offer comprehensive projects designed to maximise chances of success."

He explained: "There have been far too many overseas failures in recent years where ill-defined and poorly supported projects have failed to deliver on expectations. It is IATCs wish to promote a focussed programme involving companies and universities with modern training facilities, proven competence and a track record in commercial delivery."

Whilst in Wales, Mr Gregolin and his party of officials also visited Swansea University to tour the Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture before departing home for Brazil.