Network Aims To Boost Sustainable Aquaculture In Andalusia

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
13 April 2010, at 1:00am

SPAIN - A group of institutions, companies and associations of Malaga has formed the Andalusian Network for Sustainable Aquaculture in a bid to boost aquaculture initiatives.

This public-private initiative is impelled through the Aquanostrum project, promoted by the European Union (EU) and the Area of Sustainability and Unity of European Resources of the Provincial Delegation, and counts on a budget of EUR 344,500 originating from European funds, reports .

The new network is expected to facilitate the realisation of “the correct pursuit and operation of the project,” and to back the development of a fish farming sector that is "strong and respectful to the environment.”

According to Miguel Esteban Martin, the person in charge of the Sustainability Area of the Delegation, the new network must also serve to respond to the demand of fish consumption in a context of depleting seafood resources.

Malaga “has extraordinary potential” to develop this project, he stressed.

Whereas only six per cent of the fish that was consumed in Malaga came from fish farms in 1970, at present the number tops 45 per cent.

According to Mr Martin, sustainable aquaculture is “a new opportunity and a new source of employment.” It facilitates the progress of the sector, the production of income and the generation of wealth.