Nebraska State dismissed from corporate farming case

NEBRASKA - A case challenging Nebraska&#39;s ban on corporate farming will move to trial even though the state has been dismissed as a defendant.</B> <br><br> U.S. District Judge Laurie Smith-Camp dismissed Nebraska as a defendant on Friday, saying states have sovereign immunity from such actions. <br><br> But the case will continue with Attorney General Jon Bruning and Secretary of State John Gale as defendants. <br><br> The case involves two lawsuits -- each challenging the farming ban -- that were consolidated for trial. <br><br> No trial date has been set. The ban, widely known as Initiative 300, was added to the constitution through a citizen initiative petition spearheaded by the Nebraska Farmers Union in 1982. <br><br> I-300 generally prohibits corporations and certain other business entities from owning farmland or engaging in agricultural activity, although there are numerous exceptions. <br><br> It exempts farms that are family owned and operated, nonprofit corporations, American Indian tribal corporations, land used for seed or nursery purposes and land used for research or experimental purposes. <br><br> <i>Source: SiouxCityJournal</I>

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