Local shrimpers get promotional boost

FLORIDA - Barbera Turnbull was making her rounds to promote Florida&#39;s shrimping industry. &quot;We want consumers to be aware of and ask for Florida wild-caught shrimp,&quot; Turnbull said recently at Cindy&#39;s Placida Fish Market at the Fishery in Placida. </b> <br><br> She works for the Florida Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing and was providing local fish markets with promotional materials to boost consumer awareness. <br><br> The state has kicked off its &quot;Wild and Wonderful Shrimp from Florida.&quot; Turnbull said the campaign&#39;s goal is to help raise consumer awareness. <br><br> Consumers may have to pay $2 to $6 more per pound than imported or farm-raised shrimp, but the price is worth it. A survey -- which included responses from people in Georgia, Florida, Boston, Chicago and elsewhere -- showed that 82 percent of the respondents preferred the taste of Florida wild-caught shrimp over other shrimp. <br><br> &quot;What we want is for people to know what they&#39;re getting and to ask for what they want,&quot; Turnbull said, urging consumers to confirm what others discovered in the survey. She hopes people will &quot;want&quot; Florida wild-caught shrimp. <br><br> Domestic shrimp represents a 12 percent share of the market, but it is big business for the state, providing more than 4,400 jobs and infusing $226 million annually into the state&#39;s economy. <br><br> Shrimping, like the other Florida commercial fishing industries, is feeling pressure from cheap imports. <br><br> <i>Source: SunHerald </I>

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