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Kenya Fisheries Operations to be Regulated

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KENYA - The fisheries industry is heading for a complete turnover following the tabling of a bill in parliament that will see legislation put in place to regulate and govern the operations within the fisheries subsector.

The Fisheries Bill by the ministry of fisheries development seeks to anchor policy measures outlined in the national oceans and fisheries policy 2008 that give key interventions to increase the production and exploitation of the underutilised exclusive economic zone and Lake Turkana's sustainable management in light of the over exploited waters of lake Victoria and the near shore marine waters and development of aquaculture, reports the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

At the same time the bill seeks to conform to Kenyans regional and international obligation. It also looks to establish the Kenya Oceans and Fisheries Council as well as put in place a monitoring and surveillance unit to monitor the implementation of the policy and law.

The bill also has provisions on the fish quality and safety by harmonising the safety and quality standards on shared fishery resources with other states.

It also seeks to provide for coordination with the county governments on fisheries management and shared fisheries by establishing beach management units to coordinate of community participation.

The bill also has provisions relating to the import, export and marketing of fish and fish products.

At the same it has requirements for licensing or authorising fishing vessels entering, navigating or exiting the Kenya fishery waters complete with provisions for unlicensed prohibited activities.

It also provides requirements for arrested persons contravening the law and seized items and jurisdiction, prosecution, forfeiture, liabilities and other actions and evidence.