Aquaculture for all

Investment to Transform Australian Aquaculture

AUSTRALIA - The Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (Seafood CRC) has an opportunity for existing Seafood CRC industry participants, or new industry participants, to invest up to $2,450,000 over six years in research that will deliver transformation improvement to the Australian seafood industry.

The Seafood CRC will match this investment up to a total of $1,984,500.

Proposals to take up this opportunity must include collaboration with one or more existing Seafood CRC research providers, or new research providers.

Participants, whether new or existing, are expected to contribute significant additional in-kind investment.

The Opportunity

There is now an opportunity for an existing participant or for one or more new entrants to take up the gap in investment that has arisen from the withdrawal of Lonsec. The investment must be in an area that is consistent with the Seafood CRC outcomes and programs.

The Seafood CRC participants include some of Australia’s most experienced seafood research organisations currently conducting a range of research in pre-harvest and post harvest areas within Australian and internationally

Key benefits:

Participants gain access to a network of innovative companies and research agencies interested in pursuing commercial opportunities in seafood. This includes linkages to other government programs and additional sources of funds.

The Seafood CRC also provides opportunities for staff from industry and research agencies to participate in training and specialist workshops in Australia and overseas.

Funds are available to support PhD students to conduct research on topics of interest to industry participants.

Procedures are in place to facilitate effective management and commercialisation of intellectual property that is generated by Seafood CRC projects. In addition, funds are available to facilitate early commercialisation administrative arrangements.

To take up this opportunity, new or existing industry participants will be required to pay cash to the Seafood CRC, in approximately equal annual instalments up to June 2014. In return, the Seafood CRC will contribute $0.81 for each dollar received. The total amount will be invested by the Seafood CRC into research projects determined by the industry investor in collaboration with research providers. All project concepts are approved by the Seafood CRC Board.

Proposals submitted under this opportunity may include research providers that are existing Seafood CRC participants, or new research providers. All industry and research provider participants are expected to provide significant support to each project by contributing staff and resources as in-kind. Only the cash contributions by industry entities are matched with Seafood CRC funds.

Industry entities that contribute funds to the FRDC should also discuss their proposal with FRDC.

On acceptance into the Seafood CRC, new industry participants must pay a non refundable entry fee of $10,000 and new research providers must pay an entry fee of $25,000. This is consistent with the entry fees paid by the existing participants.

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