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Inquiry Encourages Increased Seafood Consumption

AUSTRALIA - Seafood Services Australia has welcomed a report from the British parliament recommending an increased consumption of fish.

"The Australian Government should be actively encouraging greater consumption of seafood here."
Roy Palmer, Seafood Services Australia.

The 12-month UK Parliamentary inquiry says that all Britons should eat more fish to improve both physical and mental health.

Mr Roy Palmer, the Australian link in Seafood Services Australia’s Global Seafood Health Network said the year-long inquiry had made its recommendation after analyzing more than 50 oral and written submissions from leading international experts on human nutrition.

"The Parliamentarians were unequivocal in their report," Mr Palmer said.

"They said outright ‘We recommend that all people in the UK should be encouraged to eat more fish. They went on to say: ‘The evidence we have heard indicates that increasing the average amount [of fish] per person consumed to two portions of oily fish per week would be beneficial for the physical and mental health of people in the UK because it remains the best source of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (oils).’

"This applies equally well in Australia," Mr Palmer said.

"Just like the UK, average consumption of seafood in Australia is far lower than it should be for optimum physical and mental good health. If a similar inquiry was held here, it would make the same recommendation: everyone should be eating more seafood for their health.

"The report by the UK Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum neatly sums up the current state of knowledge about the benefits of seafood. Everything from neurological development and mental health to outlining the areas where more research is needed.

Mr Palmer said: "Prevention is better than cure. The Australian Government should be actively encouraging greater consumption of seafood here. The Government should be using this as a steering document for high priority issues including further research on the health benefits of seafood such as defining the optimum intake of long chain Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in different stages of life.

"The report strongly recommends everyone should be eating more seafood for both mental and physical health."

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